Tuesday September 17th 2013, Bali 2013 Bermuda Bowl; Round Robin Rueda 1

On Line Results: Open – Women – Seniors

  Gaucho (Spanish: [ˈɡautʃo]) or gaúcho (Portuguese: [ɡaˈuʃu]) is a term commonly used to describe residents of the South American pampas, Gran Chaco, or Patagonian grasslands of Argentina, and South of Brazil.

Gaucho is an equivalent of the North American «cowboy» (vaquero, in Spanish). Like the North American word cowboy, the term often connotes the 19th century more than the present day; then gauchos made up the majority of the rural population, herding cattle on the vast estancias, and practicing hunting as their main economic activities.

Pablo Ravenna (ARG)
Gabino Alujas (ARG) & Debbie Hyatt ( Argentine-Captain)


  There is a confrontation that raises expectations since centuries ago: Who is more skillful?

the Argentine Gaucho or the American Cowboy?

This time the confrontation wasnt to know who was faster in calf roping or who endured more seconds on a wild untamed horse or bull … today using cards and bridge these bridge athletes determined who was going to be able to add one more scratch in his gun for this eternal dispute between the Argentine gauchos and the American cowboys …

 Board 1:

 The very first board produced the first swing for Argentina. At one of the tables, after C. Pellegrini (ARG) pass, Chip Martel (USA) opened his hand with 1 and Zia, answered a very aggressive 1NT, they couldnt stop until 3, 3 down =  150.

At the other table after the same 1 opening bid by Gabino Alujas (ARG), his partner Pablo Ravenna (ARG) passed and now was Fleisher in North who reopened the biding with a Double, Alujas Redoubled showing a strong hand and USA 2 ended in a 3 contract, two down.

 A crop of downs in both tables gave Argentina his first 6 IMPs.

In the next board USA 2 returned to use a super-aggressive tactic, losing another 5 IMPs.

Board 2

 After Ravenna’s 1 opening bid in third, Fleisher doubled. Alujas chose to bid 3, showing a weak hand with 4 spades…that ended the biding. The declarer lost 3 diamond tricks and a heart, claiming his contract.

In the other room, the bidding was exactly the same, when Camberos (vulnerable) decided to say 4 (always 1 down), over Martel’s 3.

Zia watching his heart singleton chose to defend with 4…:

Although declarer made the same tricks, USA2 lost another 5 IMPs. In Board 4 USA recovered 8 IMPs winning a 3 contract where Argentina was two down. The match was Argentina 11-USA2 8.

Board 5

 After two pass Kamil opened his hand with 2, Ravenna interfer with 3, showing a posible lead or a posible no vulnerable sacrifice .

Fleisher passed waiting more information from his partner, and Alujas aggressively jumped to 5. Kamil with little space declared his self-sufficient suit at the slam level and Fleisher decided to play 7. The contract is always home, West is squezzed in diamond and clubs…but declarer has to read the position…

 Declarer won the K lead with the A and ruffed a heart, played a little spade to the 8, watching West pitching and ruffed another heart.

 He continued running his spades, squeezing West, who chose to stay with the K and  Qxx in the four cards end…

Finally declarer decided to play for the Q fall and when the lady didnt appear, he played the club finesse and went down two. In the other table Argentina played only 6, done = 17 IMPs.

Now the match was Argentina 28-USA2 8.

Board 6

This board was a big swing for Argentina: After Ravenna’s 2 opening bid, the argentines arrived to the heart slam. Fleisher with an A and AK in the same suit decided to penalize them.

Kamil lead a diamond, Fleisher covered with his A dummy’s K to see declarer’s ruff… Alujas continued with a little heart to the A, returned ruffing a diamand, now a club to the K another diamond ruffed…now dummy’s diamonds were good. Declarer played the Q, went to dummy with a club, played the K and claimed his contract. In the other room USA 2 played only 5 made 6, another 14 IMPs for Argentina. The match was Argentina 42-USA2 8.

Board 8

 The spade prevailed, Alujas penalized and Declarer took advantage of a defensive error to score 10 tricks and score +590.

 The defence lead a heart (only lead to defeat) and East won with his A. The heart return and heart coontinuation is the only play for the defence, because trumps are 4-1, but in real life declarer received a diamond return.

Kamil ruffed to continue with a heart, a new opportunity for Argentina, but Alujas again played a diamond.

Kamil won the trick with the A, and continued playing 6, and after East’s 3 he played the 9…Bingo…TRICK. Now a club to the K, another spade finesse…another club to the Q, ruffed a diamond, heart ruffed…and 10 tricks. Argentina was 1 down in the other room so USA 2 added 12 IMPs.

The match now was Argentina 42-USA2 20. In Board 10 (all Vul) USA 2 recovered 3 IMPs when at one of the tables USA 2 played 3NT done, and at the other USA 2 sacrificed in 4 over the Argentina’s 3NT, they went two down, paying only 500.

Board 12

Another  swing for Argentina. After Fleisher’s 1 opening bid, Alujas showed his two colored hand: heart + minor. Kamil occupied all the bidding space he coul, but Ravenna accepted to play at the 5 level in a minor. Both teams were attacking, when Fleisher realized that Argentina was dangerously close to 6, he decided to bid 6…Alujas doubled and lead his A, one down. In the other room USA2 defended to 7 doubled, one down and 11 IMPs more for Argentina. The match was Argentina 53-USA2 23.

At this moment the power was cut in the BBO servers room and transmission was interrupted … Upon returning to Argentina added another 19 IMPs more and USA 18 IMPs more.

The match ended Argentina 72-USA2 41…as they left the room the argentine gauchos proudly wore a new scrath in their guns…