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Bali 2013: Argentina – England

Tuesday 17th September 2013, Bali

In the second match of the day Argentina played against England:

Argentina played with: Pellegrini – Camberos and Lambardi-Rizzo.

Pellegrini & Camberos
Lambardi - Rizzo
Lambardi – Rizzo

England was: Gold-Forrester y Townsend-Bakhshi.

England team in Bali 2013

 Board 17:

 The first boards were all for Argentina. After Gold’s 1 opening bid, Rizzo interfered with a 2 call, Forrester pass and Lambardi with opening values offered to play in NT, Gold doubled, Rizzo took the opportunity to show his weak two coloured hand and the argentine partnership ended playing 3, two down.

 At the other table, Bakhshi chose to say only 1 over the 1 opening bid, this took his partner to double the argentine’s 3NT contract. When Camberos made an overtrick, added the first 11 IMPs for Argentina. Two Boards later, the pampa’s gauchos bring off a new opportunity.

 Board 19:

 After Lambardi’s 1, Gold showed his hearts but Rizzo managed to show his two coloured hand in diamonds and hearts and his partner chose to play in hearts.

 Declarer ruffed in his hand the club lead, knock out the A and ruffed the club return. Continue playing the K…trick, and Q, to the K and A, Gold ruffed with his 10, and Rizzo won the trick with his A. The 10 continuation was ruffed by Sur with his 6, Rizzo played dummy’s K, ruffed a club and claimed 10 tricks, conceding a heart and a spade.

 In Board 20 the argentines arrived very quickly to a spade game. Declarer lost a club, a ruff, and a spade, and scored +620. In the other room England only played a parcial score and another 10 IMPs for ARG.

In the next two boards England added 19 IMps, showing off when they declared an invincible but very difficult to arrive slam in spades, in which the Argentines only played game.

Board 22:

 After Bakhshi’s 1 , Townsend showed his spade suit. East continued showing a minimum balanced hand. West quickly cleared his intention to play showing his diamond void.Although Bakhshi didnt show any slam interest, Townsend didnt stop until arrive to 6, easy to play and win.

 The argentines developed a much more conservative auction that cost them 12 IMPs.

 Board 23 more IMPs for Argentina.

Townsend (ENG) opened 1 and Pellegrini (ARG) chose to double. Bakhshi (ENG) jumped to 3 and now Camberos doubled. After West pass, Pellegrini with his extra heart card declared the heart game 4.

 Pellegrini lost one spade and a diamond, score: +650. At the other table Argentina played 4, one down = 11 IMps.

 In the next 7 Boards England added 17 IMps. With to boards to play the match was Argentina 42- England 36.

 In Board 31, Argentina was down in a club grand slam,  England chose to play slam and received a rewarding 14 IMPs. For the very first time England was ahead by 8 IMps and only one board to play.

Board 32

In one of the tables Argentina played 4. Declarante win an overtrick.

In the other table again Argentina finished as declarer but he had to play it doubled.

 Lambardi chose to defend to 5…and Gold doubled.

 declarer cant win his contract he has to lose (A, K y A minimum), lets see what happened in real life.

Gold chose to lead his A to take a look, Lambardi ruffed and played the 9, Gold covered with his Q. Lambardi played dummy’s K. Forrester played a little club.

 Now declarer has a way to win…he played three diamond rounds, now his diamonds were good, and played a diamond. Gold, lost his little trumpps one by one, trying not to watch Lambardi made his clubs losers disappear. Declarer made 11 IMPs.

Argentina added 16 IMPs more and so the match ended 58 a 50 for ARG.


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