Bali 2013: Argentina-Brazil


On Line Results:  OpenWomenSeniors

Thursday September 2013 19th, Bali

The Argentina–Brazil football rivalry is a highly competitive sports rivalry that exists between the national football teams of the two countries, as well as their respective sets of fans. Games between the two teams, even those that are only friendly matches, are often marked by notable and sometimes controversial incidents. This rivalry is also called the «Battle of the South Americans.»

Argentina vs. Brasil  soccer games statistics is something that almost all argentines and brasilians knows: They have played 96 times; Argentina won 36 – 24 even – Brazil won 36…Anyone know the bridge statistics?

  Board 19

Lambardi opened 1 and Brazil ended playing a diamond partscore. In the other room Brazil didnt stop till they arrived to game. Pellegrini Doubled… and 9 IMPs for Argentina.

 In the next two boards Brazil, recovered. In the first one Argentina was down in both tables. In the other:

 Board 21

 After the 1 opening bid, Campos showed his two colored hand with 2NT, Villas Boas chose diamonds.

Pellegrini doubled but Camberos preferred to play 4, Brazil penalized and collected 800.

In the other room Chagas upgraded his hand and opened 2NT, final contract. Here declarer was 3 down too, but not doubled…11 IMPs for Brazil, now leading the match.

Board 22

Brum opened 1 and Lambardi said 1, Chagas showed his heart interest and Rizzo informed about his very nice passed hand with 3, Lambardi accepted the diamonds, but when Rizzo closed the diamond game, Chagas sacrificed in 5… two down.

 In the other room Brazil arrived to game, but in spades…one down. 9 IMP’s for Argentina.

 Till board 32, only a few IMPs come and go. Argentina was leading by a few IMPs.

  Board 32

 Campos in thirs seat opened 1 and Villas Boas answered 1NT, Camberos reopened with 2 clubs, and Miguel compite to 2, declarer scored +140.

At the other table in first position, Lambardi didnt pass:

This helped the argentine partnership to arrive to a 3NT game, done.

The match ended:

ARGENTINA BRAZIL 16 37 21   14.18 5.82

This time the scales fell to the Argentine side … but it would be interesting to know the statistics and start to follow them… For Argentina the prize for winning this match, was to face Monaco only 30 minutes later … but that’s another story. Brazil also had 30 minutes to play against Italy.

The standings at the end of the match:

Open Final Rankings
# Team VPs
1 POLAND 117.91
2 ITALY 116.19
3 JAPAN 106.70
4 MONACO 106.30
6 GERMANY 96.55
8 BRAZIL 90.10