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Bali 2013: Agustin Madala among the youngest

Sunday September 29 2013, Bali

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Today in Bali Agustin Madala was consecrated World Champion playing for Italy and all the Argentine and Southamerican bridge athletes besides of feeling very happy, are celebrating the end of a foretold story. «I already knew it», is the mantra that resonates in all their heads …

Adolfo Madala
Adolfo Madala

19 years ago, Adolfo Madala a bridge professional highly respected and loved in Argentina, one day took his 8-year-old child to play their first bridge pool together to a club where he worked. Lots of criticism.

Agustin jugando con un grande del bridge argentino el Dr. Cabanne.

 When Agustin was 14 years old, he played the Argentine Trials for the Open Teams Southamerican Championship in Cochabamba Bolivia. He lost. A few weeks later the day the winning team was boarding the plane one of their players (Carlos Pellegrini) had a problem with his document and could not travel. The rest of the team travelled and two days later  Agustin entered the team.

That year Argentina won the Southamerican Open Championship. Since then, each Agustin success is shared with all South American bridge athlets and the same mantra begins to resonate again «I already knew it».

 Several years ago Agustin went to play for Italy, where he has won all the titles available.

  This year in Bali Agustin not only won the BB, he also won a 2013 IBPA award, the best defense of the year: the Gidwani Family Trust Defence of the Year;  Winner: Agustin Madala, Italy. Journalist: Ana Roth, Argentina. Click here to read the article. 

 It took only 19 years, now the child is a man, now the child is a father and the child today is a World Champion … seems that Adolfo was not so wrong …

Sementa, Agustin y Juanita (hoy ya tiene 5 años)

 Just 3 years to start seeing more often Juanita?

Our most sincere congratulations Champion … and…


Agustin Madala en Bali 2013

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