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Bali 2013: An English luxury

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Andrew Robson
Andrew Robson

Saturday, September 21 2013

Each Jan. 1 the reigning British monarch announces an honors list. British and Commonwealth subjects are recognized for especially meritorious achievement in almost any field. This year the English bridge personality Andrew Robson has become an officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for services to bridge and charity. Source: NY Times Andrew Robson Given Order of the British Empire By PHILLIP ALDER Published: January 2, 2013.

Board 31 (RR, R12) was a rara avis in the  World Bridge Championships, Bali 2013. In the Open only one person bid and make 6. In the Ladies 4 played it all done. In the Senior only 3 arrived to it nobody arrived to 12 tricks.

Board 31. Dealer South. N-S Vulnerable.
  J 9
K T 9
A K Q J 9 7 5
Q 7
K J 9 6 4 3
T 6 2
  T 5 2
8 2
Q 8 7 4 3 2
8 3
  A K 8 6 4 3
A Q T 5
6 5

When I was kibitzing the slam didnt appear in both tables. This was what the commentators wrote:

OosmanB: 6 on non lead?
game over: as the cards lie you can make 6 after a lead, play a diamond to the king, West must rise, but East will become subject of a y – squezze.
OosmanB: we might see some pairs in 6, I feel, North had a very nice hand
OosmanB: you’re right, y – squeeze works
game over: well and if West ducks, you can exit with a low diamond, but totally DD
game over: you should go for a diamond ruff and will  get overruffed…
OosmanB: will have some interesting comparisons on board 31

We decided to interview the one and only one person who played 6 in the Open and this is what he told us:

My partner opened 1,  RHO bidded 2, I said 3, couldnt say 4 because it was a splinter bid.

Came…Pass… 3…Pass.

I had to look for a forcing bid, 4 wasnt clearly forcing, I felt I didnt have a real option so I said 4, and afterwards 6, my partner knew that my 6 were where I wanted to play and passed.

I would have made it on any lead, actually but they lead a diamond, they played A and J. I thought ruffing the third diamond in dummy, but I felt someone have six and they would overruffed me. So looking the spades spot cards I thought that I had big chances for a 3-2 break, and played that line winning the hand.

The main character of this story is Andrew Robson, playing in Bali 2013 for England in the Open, who was kind enough to shoot this video with the explanation of how the auction was like. Many Thanks Andrew Robson .

Note: rara avis /ˈrɛərə ˈeɪvɪs/n ( pl rarae aves /ˈrɛəriː ˈeɪviːz/)

  1. an unusual, uncommon, or exceptional person or thing




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