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Back from Opatija 2014 by Fulvio Fantoni

Hi all 🙂

After many days of Championship, unfortunately we lived a bridge player’s worst nightmare: losing the gold medal at the very last match, and for an only board!
Before the start of the last match we had slipped in second position but between us and the first team, Israel, there was less than 1 VP. The last match between Israel and Norway was not going well for the first team so, during the match, we were leading again. Then, we would have just needed to avoid to make a mistake in a board in order to confirm our first place. Unfortunately, that mistake arrived…
Every supporter knows the feeling of seeing their favourite team losing at the last minute after a long match… We are deeply sorry that this time this happened to our supporters and friends, after many days of – we can say – a well played Championship.

Let’s analyze the «famous» board:Opatija 2014 Monaco 2

Opatija 2014 Monaco 3

After West’s 30fiori, my 30cuori is…Click here to continue reading


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