George Burns, Ira Corn, Bobby Wolff, Charlie Weed

Source: “Play Bridge with the Aces”

Dealer South None Vul

 K 10 7 3
 K J 7 2
 8 5 3
 A J
 J 6
 9 5
 A Q J 6 2
 K Q 10 5
 Q 10 8 4
 10 4
 9 8 7 6 4 2
   A Q 9 8 4 2
 A 6 3
 K 9 7

The Auction:

  West North East     South
   2 3 Pass     4
   Pass Pass Pass

Opening Lead K

As the cards were, many declarers would fail to make the contract. The bad lie of the hearts would prevent either a successful finesse in that suit or establishment of a long heart for a vital diamond discard. A normal result would be down one, declarer losing three diamonds and one heart.

Alerted by the bidding and the opening lead, Frank Beard* in South, found a sure-fire way to land his contract.

Beard won the lead of the K in dummy and drew tumps in two rounds, Beard then refused the heart finesse and played first his ace and then a low heart to dummy’s king.

Next came dummy’s J and instead of ruffing, he discarded his remaining low heart. West (Bob Hamman) was saddled with the lead and had no safe exits. «Beard Beards Bob Hamman»

The lead of a diamond would establish Beard’s king and the lead of a club would present Beard with a ruff and discard.

(Note that even if West held one or more hearts, an unlikely event, dummy’s J could be established after a heart lead by West).

*Joseph Franklin Beard (born May 1, 1939) is an American former professional golfer who was a member of the PGA Tour and Champions Tour. Beard won eleven PGA Tour events.

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