Saturday 23rd February – Saturday 2nd March 2013.

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Bulletin Editor David Stern ² Co-Editors Barry Rigal and Brent Manley Contributions to

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This is How david Stern presents the event:

I guess after 45 years of playing the game and having noticed that I am not playing nearly as well as I used to, which was never THAT great, I have shifted my interests to travelling to bridge tournaments around the world.
That introduction brings me to my keynote point – that the Gold Coast Congress is far and away the best annual tournament that I have ever been to and I would defy anybody to nominate another tournament as a contender for the title of best annual tournament in the world. You might ask yourself what factors contribute to make it so great in my opinion. That’s really easy – the tournament has an intoxicating mix of:
1) location – rarely are there as many accommodation options as are available on the Gold Coast at
reasonable prices and in all price ranges together with the sun and sand (OK an occasional afternoon

2) quality and commitment of the staff at this tournament is unparalleled ANYWHERE. The staff from the top
to the bottom are totally committed to the enjoyment of every person participating here; 

3)an ever expanding calendar of social and other activities including some for non-bridge playing partners;

4) a venue that could have been built specifically to accommodate the Gold Coast Congress with amenities
that exceed expectations;

5) purely on feedback you understand – a well-regarded tournament bulletin;

6) great sale time shopping if that’s your thing – and it is certainly mine!

7) a tournament organiser whose benchmark is to grow the tournament every year based on player satisfaction; I’ll bet you don’t know this, but in May every year the 10-12 key staff are gathered in Brisbane for a debriefing about this year’s tournament and what can be done to improve next year’s event!

But perhaps the most important reason why this event is so successful is that it is player-centric. Everything that is done here and every change year to year is aimed at you the players and making your experience more enjoyable and memorable. Isn’t that the key to clever marketing?

Paul Lavings: Offering his insights into
Suit Preference Signalling

7) Cursos para Directores:

Curso para Directores
Laurie Kelso conducting the Director’s Seminar