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Ask Jerry: Why not use Blackwood with a Void?

Dear Jerry, I would like to know the detailed reasons for not using Blackwood when your hand has a void. Some examples might help me to understand thoroughly the disadvantages. Some articles I read on the Internet were not convincing because the reasons were not given in a clear-cut manner and in depth, as they should have been in
a matter as important and difficult as slam bidding.

Hi Robert, My 28-year-old son, Jake, is a five year veteran of the arena football league. He is very large, with lots of
muscle, so I try not to trifle with him. On more than one occasion, he has . accused me of asking questions where I could not possibly care about the answer. This is often analogous to using any form of Blackwood when holding a void! Let’s use the following hands as examples:




 A K J 8 4 2   
 A K Q J 
 7 3 2


 Q 10 7 3
8 2
 Q 6 5 4  
 A Q 4










Using 3 as a standard limit raise, showing four trumps along with game-invitational values, how should opener proceed? If Blackwood is employed, responder would show one ace (or key card), and the guesswork would continue. On this layout, even the five level could be in jeopardy. Flip-flop responder’s minor-suit
holdings: Click here to continue reading.



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