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Ask Jerry: I am Wrong?

Dear Jerry,  I am a non-Life Master who is truly enjoying the duplicate experience, but a hand I recently held at my local club was not much fun.
My right-hand opponent opened a weak 2. With my balanced 17 HCP, including a spade stopper, I decided to overcall 2NT. When partner leaped to 5, holding seven of them and a weak hand, the result was not very pretty. He insisted my bid was the unusual notrump, showing the minors.
Worse yet, my opponents agreed.

Hi BD,
I am happy you are enjoying duplicate and equally happy that I have a few things to say that may make you feel better rather than worse.
The only thing I would consider as unusual about your 2NT bid would be if you are notoriously a poor card holder. You were 100% correct and the other three players were at least 100% wrong, especially if they were loud in announcing their completely erroneous opinions.

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