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Ask Jerry: Am I being too old fashioned?


Dear Jerry: Am I being too old fashioned? I don’t like to open a hand like this in first or second position:

 K98 QJ3 K54 K987.

 It’s only 12 PH, without an ace, without a five card suit, and with values completely scattered. My partner insists that I should open It. What are the pros and cons?… Stuck in Yesterday

  Dear SIY

If it is old fashioned to pass completely balanced hands, aceless 12 counts, with no 10s, and 11/2 quick tricks methinks that many real bridge players in the world must also be old fashioned. Playing in an announced light opening system, I would open this non-opening bid. Playing a weak 1NT range, I would open 1NT. Playing any sort of Standard or 2 Over One, however, I would pass in a flash in first or second seat.

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