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Argentine Trials for the II WMSG


Equipo Ventin: Carlos Pellegrini, Héctor Camberos, Luis Palazzo, Walter Fornasari, Pablo Lambardi y Juan Carlos Ventin

Argentine Trials for the II WMSG  During the Saturday 14 and Sunday April 15,2012 inthe Ayacucho Bridge Club was played final of the Argentina Trials for the II World Mind Sports Games;  Lille France from 9 to 23 August.

 In the Open category «Ventin» Team composed of Carlos Pellegrini, Héctor Camberos, Louis Palazzo, Walter Fornasari, Pablo and Juan Carlos Ventin Lambardi defeated, «Alfonsin» Team: Alujas Gustavo Ricardo Poleschi, Victor Marinescu and Julio Alfonsin.

 In the Ladies category the winner was the «Boldt» Team composed  of: Gloria Iribarren,Analia Smalinsky, Irene Elkin and Silvia Boldt. Second finished the  «Alonso

Equipo Boldt: Gloria Iribarren, Analía Smalinsky, Irene Elkin y Silvia Boldt

Team»: Malena Iacapraro, Maria del Rosario Garateguy, Monica Baldassarre and Ana Alonso.

 Both categories played 96 hands divided into six sets of 16 hands each; there was a vu-graph transmission in BBO (Bridge Base Online) and the director was Mr.Cristian Cuchian.



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