Liliana Moirano, Julio Alfonsin, Rafael Benaderette, Leonardo Feugas, Gerardo Siano y Enrique Tobis

On Monday 18 June 2012, in the halls of the Ayacucho Bridge and under the auspices of the ABA was played the  National Championship; Interclubes First Category.
The qualifier was played in a RR, all against all, to rank the top four teams. In the semifinals the team «Bridge Club 50» won by a slight margin over the favorite «Club Atletico River Plate» although its members were able to celebrate the return of his club to the Argentine football first division. In the other the Ayacucho «Yellow» won the «Celeste».
On Sunday afternoon the final was played (48 hands) and was won by the «Bridge Club 50» which had in its formation four young figures: Gabino Alujas, Felipe Ferro, Francisco Montes de Oca and Santiago Rueda, accompanied by Walter Fornasari, Arturo Muscolo, Juan Rueda and Marcelo Villegas, they by a narrow margin on the hosts: Liliana Moirano, Julio Alfonsin, Benaderette Rafael, Leonardo Feugas, Gerardo Siano and  Enrique Tobis.
To finish we want to emphasize the cordiality throughout the tournament.