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Application of Patterns

There are enumerable situations in Bridge for the application of patterns. Translating bidding into patterns , opening leads into patterns , showing out of a suit & “giving count” into patterns is the science behind this skill“Thinking in patterns”  is how experts play the game of Bridge. Applying patterns defines thinking in Bridge.  Patterns are howyou think the game of Bridge.  Let’s review some common situations where we apply patterns in Bridge.

 1)    Covering an honour with an honour

 This is a common play in Bridge & it involves pattern application. If the opponents are known to have a 4-4 fit & you have K10x over Qxxx . Declarer leads the queen so of course you cover as declarer will have to guess the 10 sometime. What if declarer opened at the 3 level , you have Kx opposite Qxxx do you cover ? Of course not . The pattern is 7-4-2-0 so let declarer guess if there is a stiff king.

 2)    Tapping the opponents trump suit

 Another common application of patterns is having declarer lose control of the trump suit. You have Qxxx of their trump & a stiff. You also have a QJ109x side suit do you lead your stiff ? Of course not . By ruffing you are just assisting declarer to regain control of the trump suit. Lead your long suit so if partner can help out , declarer will be ruffing. If declarer had a 5 card major , she is now your length. 5-4-3-1 . You get in with your trump queen & lead your long suit , declarer has lost control of the hand so your small trumps are promoted.

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