Gabino Cintra y Pedro Pablo Assumpcao

Gabino Cintra, one of Brazil’s best players of all time, died in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday 28 November 2010. He was 68. Cintra, a former IBM executive, was Grand Master of the World Bridge Federation accumulating victories in the team event, called at that time: World Team Olympiad (1976) and the World Open Pairs (1978) with Marcelo Branco.

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This year the South American Pairs Championship will grant the winning pair the Gabino Cintra Cup, in honor of the Brazilian player of the same name.

Many of the best players who knew him remembered him with sensitive articles essential to read, because not only they remember the player they also tell us about the man. Click here to read them.

The event will start in three months, and there are many partnerships already registered. Everyone wants to have the honor to win the Gabino’s Cup. [button link=»» window=»yes»]Click Here[/button]  to see them.

Every day of  Angra 2013 you can play Open Teams and Open Pairs Tournaments,  all of them are scheduled so you can enjoy the beach first, remember that the hotel has its private beach which you can access from your room:

Tournaments Played in Angra 2013

All the competitions are sponsored by the South American Bridge Confederation Bridge and grant CSB ranking points.

We invite you to participate in this celebration of  the South American bridge …