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Angra 2013: Gabino Cintra Cup

In the Open the winner of the Gabino Cintra Cup is a Brazilian pair: Marcos Thoma y Mauricio Figueiredo. In the Ladies Category the winner is an argentine pair Ana Alonso y Monica Baldasarre:

Second Positions:

Second CS Open Pairs   Second Ladies Pairs
Segundos CS O de Parejas   Segundas parejas damas
Junqueira, Guilherme - Fernandes, Renato
Rabicew, Elizabeth - Teresa Loschi








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OPEN   Ladies

In the Mixed Category the winner is a brazilian pair: Poncioni, Graça y Correa, Orlando.

 Graça Poncioni y Orlando Correa
Mixed Pairs 1st: Graça Poncioni y Orlando Correa from Brazil
Mixed pairs 2nd: Maria Celia Pailhe y Roberto Vigil de Argentina
Mixed pairs 2nd: Maria Celia Pailhe y Roberto Vigil from Argentina

First Stage:

First 2 Sessions Results

Gabino Cintra Cup 1st Session


Gabino Cintra Cup 2nd Session

Very early everybody could see the continent’s best players reviewing their systems and making last minute adjustment. At 4 in the afternoon began the Pairs Championship, this year playing for the Gabino Cintra Cup in honor of Gabino Cintra who was one of the greatest exponents of the Brazilian and global bridge.

At the end of the first session the favorites: Joaquin Pacareu and Benjamin Robles of Chile finished in first place followed by Jose Manuel Robles and Roberto Garcia, also from Chile, thus confirming the Chilean bridge supremacy for the last years.

For my part this year I have the luck to be playing with the WGM Pedro Castello Branco (BRZ) and after a terrible start, in the first board a mistake on my part cost us five tricks, a contract that had to end three down ended with an extra trick!, despite my error we could finish in the seventh place, quite an achievement!

At nine in the night began the Opening Ceremony, the President of CSB Don Ernesto d’Orsi welcome us with a very nice speach and Francisco de Assis Chagas the FBB President inaugurated the championship.

Later the official delegations were presented and as always in South America, all of them proudly sang their national anthems.

As usual the organizers invited us with a wonderfull buffet, and finally there was live music, dancing and lots of fun, which, for the young; lasted almost until dawn.


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