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An Eddie Kantar Hand by Frank Stewart

Source: Eugene Register-Guard – 16 Nov 2001

 Eddie Kantar one of the world most prolific end entertaining authors  can apply the techniques found in his excellent books.

Kantar West in a major tournament led the K against 3NT. South won the third club, and next a diamond to the king, and another diamond.

Eddie Kantar
Eddie Kantar

If Kantar follows «second hand small»  with the 10, dummy plays low, and East must take the J. South can win the return and run the diamonds, winning 10 tricks.

On the second diamond, Kantar put up his Q swallowing East’s jack, and South was helpless.

South had two diamonds, a club, four hearts, and a spade, but Kantar was sure to get in with the 10, or the Q to cash two clubs.














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