7th European Open Championships

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Mark Horton
Mark Horton
Fernando Lema
Fernando Lema

On this deal from the Marit Sveaas Pairs, it was not uncommon to see N/S bid a game (and sometimes make it). The American brothers, Adam and Zach Grossack made a mockery of that with the EW cards:

Board 24. Dealer West. None Vul

 10 9 8
 A 6 5 4  
 K 10 8 2          
 A 2
 A J 4 2             
 K Q 3
 7 5
 J 9 7 6
 7 6 3
 10 9 7
 A J 9 4 3          
 10 5
 K Q 5 
 J 8 2
 Q 6  
 K Q 6 4 3

The Auction:

Weste   North    East       South  
Grossack Haga Grossack Baardsen
 1  Pass  1     Pass
 1NT  End       

Lead: 10

North led the ten of spades and declarer took South’s queen with the A and played a club to the 10 and Q.

After cashing the king of spades South played a third round of the suit and declarer won and played a diamond, ducking when North went in with the K.

When North returned the 2 declarer went up with dummy’s ace and played the 7 to the Q and A.

When North returned a heart declarer took South’s 9 with the K, cashed the master spade, crossed to dummy with a heart and exited with a club, forcing North to lead into dummy’s diamond tenace.

+120 was worth 110/10, helping the brothers into eight place at the end of the second session.

By ferlema