Eugene Register-Guard – Diciembre 9, 1984sheinw 2

Regular readers know that a fiend can have a sense of humor. The reference is not to this writer but to the devil in charge of unimportant cards, who gave dummy the eight of spades.

West took the king and queen of diamonds, and East signaled with the 10 and then the deuce.

West continued with the ace of diamonds, and South yielded to temptation by rolling with dummy’s eight of spades in the hope that East couldn’t overruff.

East did, of course, overruff.

East returned the king of hearts to dummy’s ace, and South couldn’t get out of the dummy without yielding a fourth trick then or later.

If dummy’s singleton trump were the deuce South would make the contract. Since a ruff in dummy would obviously be futile, South would discard one of dummy’s hearts on the third diamond.

Whether the defense then switches to hearts or to clubs, declarer takes dummy’s ace and leads dummy’s pre-cious low trump. After drawing trumps South leads to dummy’s remaining ace and discards losers on the clubs.