Alejandro Bianchedi

November 29th 2013

Alejandro Bianchedi
Alejandro Bianchedi

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On November 22 Agustin Madala informed us about the changes that were to occur in the Lavazza team for the remainder of 2013 and 2014. Sementa Antonio was moving to the Angelini team and instead Alejandro Bianchedi was going to be incorporated.


Alejandro is 46 years, he has two children and as his father is Italian (born in Gorizia, Italy), he adopted the Italian citizenship many years ago. Alejandro began his international career representing Argentina when he was still a junior player, his best participation was a Silver Medal at the 89 World Junior Championship in Nothingham.

Mundial Juvenil de Nothingham 1989, segundo puesto, Juan Quitegui, Claudio Varela, Valdi Merdinguer (CNP), Alejandro, Leonardo Rizzo y Marcelo Cloppet
Mundial Juvenil de Nothingham 1989, segundo puesto,
Juan Quitegui, Claudio Varela, Valdi Merdinguer (CNP),
Alejandro Bianchedi, Leonardo Rizzo y Marcelo Cloppet

 When he returned to Bs As he got an offer to work professionally in Venezuela teaching bridge and soon he was one of the pillars of the Venezuelan Bridge team, with which he participated for 6 years in various Bermuda Bowls and Olympics.

 After 10 years in Venezuela, Alejandro returned to Argentina to retake his career. His last Bermuda Bowl was in San Pablo 2009 representing Argentina. Alejandro was Agustin Madala’s partner in the last World Cup event (Istanbul 2006) in which Agustin played representing Argentina.

Alejandro Bianchedi y Ernesto Muzzio
Alejandro Bianchedi y Ernesto Muzzio

 During these last years with his partner Ernesto Muzzio, Alejandro participated in almost all NABC (North American National Championships). In 2007 Alejandro and Ernesto, arrived second in one of the most prestigious American Pairs events: The Blue Ribbon Pairs, a tournament played over three days that includes two qualifying sessions, two semifinals sessions and two finals sessions.

We were able to meet with Alejandro to ask him about this new phase he is starting in his professional life and this is what he told us:

1-When and how did you find that you were the new Lavazza team member?

Agustin Madala/Alejandro Bianchedi
Agustin Madala/Alejandro Bianchedi

This is a big surprise for me. I am a very close friend of Agustin Madala (we play tennis together every week) and several times we dreamed to play some important tournament together. A little over a month ago, he told me that Antonio Sementa would leave the Lavazza team, because he signed a contract to play in the Angelini team.

 I knew that Lavazza team wanted to incorporate a player who knew the Bocchi-Madala system. In these years Agustin and I talked many times about different aspects of the system and although I do not know it in depth I’m aware of his philosophy. Also in the NABC, I met Versace, Lauria, Bocchi, Ferraro … all of them are my friends and I think this is what helped me today to have been chosen to join the group and the Lavazza team.

2- You know with whom you are going to play?

Georgio Duboin - Guido Ferraro
Georgio Duboin – Guido Ferraro

I have not spoken to anyone. I think I’ll start playing with Giorgio Duboin. The idea is that we all learn the same system so we can rotate partners smoothly. My first tournament will be «Citta Milan»  in a few days, there it will be my first contact and there they will inform me what they expect from me.

3- What are your expectations?

For now I have no expectations, only that I am very happy. Happier than ever and for me is a great honor to be part of a group of  such incredible players.

4- Your Next Tournament?

Next week I will travel to play the NABC Phoenix, where I’ll play with Hector Camberos the Blue Ribbon Pairs and the Reisinger Teams with: Ricardo Angeleri and Pablo Lambardi.  I’ll meet the Italian players there and I’ll find out for sure more things.

5- You talked about your incorporation with any member of the team?

Norberto Bocchi
Norberto Bocchi

I wrote to and received some emails from Bocchi and Duboin. Bocchi wrote me: your incorporation is going to do much good to the team and I talk a little bit with Duboin about how we will begin to work together in the coming months. Agustin was the one who gave me the news and it was very exciting …

 Agustin is like a younger brother for me and his words were a heart turn.

Alejandro thank you very much for the interview. We look forward to report all your success with the Team Lavazza.