Actual 2012 Southamerican Rankings

Miguel Villas Boas 1ª Ranking Sudamericano Libre

Finalized the Campeonato Sudamericano de Montevideo (ROU) 2012, these are the new Southamerican Rankings:

In the Open and ladies categories,  Miguel Villas Boas and Leda Pain y Miguel Villas Boas continue first in both categories respectively.

In the Open: Noteworthy is the Chilean athletes progress, they have win four of the last five championships. Leading these  group of athletes from Chile which threatens to end the hegemony imposed by Brazilian athletes over the past 40 years, is the South American Grandmaster Pacareu Joaquin, with only 25 years, is the youngest of the group.

Leda Pain, 1º Ranking Sudamericano Damas

In the Ladies: In this category is remarkable the Brazil supremacy. But this year was Chile who won the category; attention! 

It is worth a special mention for the pair of Sylvia Figueira de Mello and Paul David who won the 2012 Open Pairs Championship, this is the first time that a ladies partnership win this prestigious event.

Joaquin Pacareu (Chi), 2º Ranking Sudamericano Libres

2012 Open Ranking

1 Villas Boas, Miguel Bra 531
2 Pacareu, Joaquin Chi 498
3 Robles, Benjamin Chi 488
4 Chagas, Gabriel Bra 468
5 Caracci, Marcelo Chi 434
6 Robles, Jose Manuel Chi 422
7 Castello Branco, Marcelo Bra 352
8 Brenner, Diego Bra 315
9 Brum, Paulo Bra 248
10 Lambardi, Pablo Andrés Arg 245

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2012 Ladies Ranking

Sylvia Mello y Paulinha David Campeonas Sudamericanas de Parejas Open 2012


1 Pain, Leda   158
2 Nogueira, Heloisa   148
3 Figueira de Mello, Silvia   135
4 Mandelot, Agota   119
5 David, Paula   105
6 Poncioni, Maria das Graças   101
7 Budkin, Diana   67
8 Garateguy, Maria del Rosario   63
8 Iacapraro, Malena   63
10 Vargas de Andrade, Isabella   60

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