ACBL: Bessis leads Player of the Year contest

Bessis Thomas
Thomas Bessis

 Source: ACBL

As play gets underway at the Fall NABC, Thomas Bessis of Paris, France, holds the lead in the 2012 player of the Year contest.

The Player of the Year honor is bestowed annually on the player who earns the most platinum points — awarded for the very tough NABC+ contests — in a calendar year.

Bessis tops the leader list with 578.44 platinum points. Almost half of this total (250.00) came from his victory at the Spring NABC in Memphis in the 2012 Vanderbilt KO Teams as part of Les Amoils’s squad. (Bessis was also on the winning Vanderbilt team in 2010.)

The Spring NABC was very successful for Bessis: He also finished second in the Kay Platinum Pairs playing with frequent partner Ishmael Del’Monte of Australia for another 150.00 platinum points.

The duo shared the Mott-Smith Trophy for their Memphis performances by earning more masterpoints than any other players.

Bessis earned another 178.44 platinum at the Summer NABC in Philadelphia to put him just ahead of Del’Monte for the 2012 race.


Fuente: ACBL