Sylvia Moss
Sylvia Moss

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USBF Leadership Changes

Howard Weinstein is the new USBF President. George Jacobs has resigned as USBF President.

The USBF Board of Directors elected Howard Weinstein to fill the remainder of Jacobs’ term, and elected Sylvia Moss to fill the remainder of Weinstein’s term as Vice President. The USBF thanked George for his many years of service to USBF and bridge and welcome Howard as their new President.

Bruce Neill
Bruce Neill

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ABF Leadership Changes

At the ABF’s Annual General Meeting held in Canberra on 24-25 May, the ABF Management Committee for the period 2014-2016 was announced as follows:

  • Bruce Neill, New South Wales (National President)
  • Allison Stralow, Western Australia (National Secretary)
  • Roy Nixon, Australian Capital Territory (ABF Treasurer),
  • Dallas Cooper, Tasmania (Committee member)
  • Simon Hinge, Victoria (Committee member)

and the General Counsel for the ABF is Russel Harms.

An extract from the new president letter:

As well as supporting the top of the competitive pyramid, international teams and national championships, the ABF also importantly works with States and Territories to provide support to clubs and players – eg marketing, teacher training etc. The ABF Council discussed our priorities at the May Annual General Meeting and listed them as:

  1. enhancing the enjoyment / experience of players
  2. increasing the number of active players; and
  3. performing well at international championships.