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A Winning Pair by Fernando Lema and Ana Roth

December 21th 2014

This year at the World Bridge Championships in Sanya 2014 a partnership of young players from Israel won the Open Pairs Championship. Inon Liran 38, and Udi Friedlander 41, traveled to Sanya, China chasing a dream … return home with a World title, and they did it.

Ehud Friedlander and Inon Liran
Ehud Friedlander and Inon Liran

After the success obtained, both players are rethinking how to make a living and are eager to join the fulltime bridge professionals who travel the world to participate in the best Bridge tournaments and Bridge festivals, competing against the best players in the world.

As soon the World Championships ended, Phillip Alder the NewYork Times bridge columnist dedicated them an article, where he described  an excellent defense in which Udi prevent a partner’s squezze helping to defeat the contract and scoring a TOP.  Phillip entitle his article:

A Winning Pair at the World Bridge Championships

Some weeks ago, Fernando Lema, in a video conference interviewed the young pair. The talk centered in knowing them a little better, and in how they would like this world title to impact on their lives.

Both of them, are deep bridge lovers, and are hoping to become fulltime bridge professionals, but till now have not received any firm offer from any sponsor who wants to join to his team a pair that has demonstrated in the table playing against many of the best pairs in the world, that they not only play a wonderful bridge, but also have the character, the vision and strength to win, definitely a rare combination.

We recommend watching the video. If you are a sponsor and you are interested, you can communicate with them via facebook, looking for Udi Friedlander, and leaving a message, surely they will respond to you ASAP.

 Surely all of us hope to see Inon and Udi soon in the BBO VG, not only to enjoy their bridge but also to learn from them…remember that you can contact them for lessons in BBO. also via facebook.



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