A Three Suited Squeeze at the Spa by Fulvio Fantoni

Fulvio Fantoni en Abano terme 2014
Fulvio Fantoni en Abano terme 2014

Written by Fulvio Fantoni on 04 March 2014 for http://www.fulviofantoni.com

Hi all 😆

After a nice week at the spa now it is time to greet the guests of our vacation and leave Abano Terme… but only till next year.  I will tell you about a board from the tournament of yesterday evening:

The tournament is MP, the ranking is shown in real time and it is not good; in order to recover it is important to make some extra tricks.
This is one of the reasons why, despite Spades fit, we are playing 3SA.

In South I get the lead 9.

I can count: 4 tricks is Spades, 3 tricks in Diamonds, 2 or 3 tricks in Clubs (according to the split).

On 9 I put a low one, East discards Hearts and I take with the K of the hand. Now I play the 7 for West’s 8 and dummy’s 10, while East discards another Hearts.

Now it is time to set Clubs. With double finesse, if an opponent has the K and the other has the Q I can gain at least a trick (two tricks if Clubs break 3-3). So I play the J. East puts a low one, I play a low one and West takes with his King.

Opponent plays a Spades back, on which I put a low from dummy. East starts to show discard problems symptoms, and, with some suffering, he leaves another Hearts. I take with my Q and play Diamonds to go back at dummy and run the 10.

What should East play?

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