A Subtle Play in Opatija by Fernando Lema

Boye Brogeland

Buenos Aires, June 25, 2014

Opatija-logoDuring the eighth round of the first RR of the 52nd European Bridge Teams Championship BBO vu-graph broadcasted Austria vs Norway, a match that ended with a Norway victory by a wide margin.

From the 16 boards set I want to show Board Number 12:

Teams, Dealer: West N/S Vul

  Q 9 8 5 2
7 4
K 6 4
J 8 5
7 3
A K Q 10 8 6
Q 7 6 4
  K 6
J 5 3 2
A J 10 9 8
A 3
  A J 10 4
Q 5 3 2
K 10 9 2

The Bidding:

Oeste Norte Este Sur
Brogeland Lindermann Lindqvist Terraneo
1 Pass 2NT Pass
3 Pass 3 Pass
4 Pass 4 Pass
5 Fin    

Lead: 4

As can be seen a Spade lead defeats the contract automatically, but North has to lead, and with no information he decided to lead a trump.

West was the (WGM) Boye Brogeland (NOR) who didnt lost the opportunity to demonstrate his wonderful play techniques in this hand.

The Plan: 6 heart tricks in his hand, 2 diamond tricks if he could develop a fifth trick in the suit, which seemed more than possible, the A and two club ruffs in dummy for 11 tricks, but declarer needed to do all of this with out North intervention, as North was the danger, because he could play spades and defeat the contract.

Boye Brogeland
Boye Brogeland

Boye solved the problem easily, he won the lead with the 10 and proceeded according to the plan, a diamond to the A and ruffed a diamond with the Q, he continued with a trump to the J (no more trumps for the defense) and another diamond ruff, North played the K.

This was Boye’s subtle play in trick number six: he left his hand playing the 6; a play which looks innocent; but that six had a hidden intention…and consequently a distracted North served the 5.

Boye played dummy’s small club!!! now the contract is home.

South won the trick with his 9 and return another club. The final was automatic, dummy’s A and ruff a diamond (now the fifth diamond is a trick), ruff a club in dummy, J pitching a spade and a second club ruff…declarer claimed his 11 tricks and scored 450 IMPs, at the other table the Austrian pair played 6 and were two down so 11 IMPs for Norway.

Boye Brogeland with David Bird recently published the book: Bridge at the Edge, Highly recommended!.