Sergio Peixoto

I was asked to write a few lines about my dear friend Gabino, my bridge partner of many years and many victories, a teacher with whom I learned a lot and a friend of all time.

To say that he was a great player, is a waste of time because his many titles, including some world championships, speak for themselves. So I stop at the man with «M», which will be honored at this  South American Bridge Championship, Angra 2013. Complete, correct, polite, cheerful, selfless, generous, sympathetic, intelligent, cultured, musical, witty, loyal friend …

What else would you expect from someone?

1978 olympiad medal
1978 olympiad medal Gabino Cintra and Marcelo Castello Branco Gold metal- Eric Kokish-Peter Nagy Silver

Gabino met in his personality all desirable qualities in a human being and therefore his untimely death was so mourned by all who were lucky enough to know him.

The Brazilian Federation and the Southamerican Confederation – In due time, named in his honor this South American Pairs Championship and it is very important that this tribute is made, it should not be left in oblivion its passage through the South American Bridge.

   His memory as a player and as a man should serve as an example and stimulus for the generations that will follow. At least that’s what all who were privileged to know his sweet firmness of character, want.

By ferlema