Margie Sullivan

Bermuda Regional Bulletin Friday January 1st 2014

Distribution, Distribution, Distribution by ROBERT TODD

All Vul, South Dealer

K J 10 x x x

A K 10 x x x x


x x x x x
x x x x

West North East South
Double Redouble 1 2
2 3 Pass 5
6 The End    

Here is an amazing hand from a Swiss Team event earlier this week. When you have a hand with such amazing shape (7-6) and some actual values, there is lots of room for swings and tactical bridge. Margie Sullivan sat West holding this amazing hand and she started with a double. This is not everyone’s choice, but it certainly gave her the auction she was looking for – and it is hard to argue with success. Her partner bid hearts (as expected) and this actually picked off the opponents’ biggest fit.

Now you would think that Margie would start bidding like a crazy person. But there was no way that the auction was going to end low when she had that much shape. So she bid only 2 – confident it would not go all pass (or so she hoped.) The opponents competed to 3 and then on to game – 5. But Margie was having none of that, as she bid 6 and that was doubled. Dummy hit with very few values but the “perfect cards.” When the Ace of Spades fell third (with LHO) Margie took all the tricks for a great result.

As a kicker, her teammates managed to bid to bid to 6down -1, for -200. That was a big win. As expected, these distributional hands often swing entire matches!