You are playing in Italy the last match in the team that is winning the Citta of Milan International Tournament. Sitting in West you receive:

6 5 4 8 3 2 K J 10 8 2 8 4

And the bidding goes:

Oeste Norte Este Sur
Pass 3 3 4

The last match of the 2012 Citta of Milano Tournament faced the Breno Team, in first position with the ZKS team who was only 3 IMPs from the poll position.

  Intonti opened his hand with a 1 bid and after West pass, D’Avossa showed his weak 4 cards support with a 3 call, East overcalled his spade suit and South closed the heart game…West Passed…declarer lose 1 club and two diamonds for +420.

At the other table South also opened with 1, and  North after West pass only said 2. East now had a comfortable 3 bid to show his partner his two colored hand: spades and a minor.

When South closed the game in hearts, Manno declared 4 and South decided to play in hearts at the 5th level. Manno Doubled…

Declarer was one down and the hand gave the Breno team enough IMPs to win the tournament…