The Argus-Press – 7 Mar 1977         

Oswald: It’s about time we ran a series of articles on misplays »

Jim «I have a starter here. It is the sort of misplay that most players are likely to make and actually was made by a top player some years ago in a team match »

N/S Vulnerable South Dealer

Lead: 5

Oswald «Lie was unlucky. At the other table a spade was opened and all South’s problems disappeared into thin air. At this player’s table the opening lead was the five of diamonds.

Jim -South called for dummy’s ace without stopping to think. Then he did his thinking as to whether to discard the jack of spades or four of hearts from his hand Finally, he decided to chuck the jack of spades and wound up losing the four of hearts at trick thirteen »

Oswald «If South had done his thinking before the first play from dummy he would have ruffed the diamond in his own hand. Then he would cash the ace and king of spades. The queen would fall and his worries would be over.»

Jim: «If the queen didn’t fall he would go to dummy with the ace of clubs, discard the jack of spades and still have a chance to make the hand if hearts behaved in a friendly manner.»