A Bridge Oscar


Photo: Michel Bessis, France Read in French

Fuente: Bridge Academy por Michele Bessis

In an Oscars Bridge ceremony, today’s hand and especially the player who had it deserve to win the Oscar for «Best Bid Hand of the Year». Eric Gautret was in South, and played against the future winners of the event: Jérôme Rombaut in East and in West Cédric Lorenzini.

Eric Gautret-Bernard Cabanes
Eric Gautret-Bernard Cabanes

After West pass, Bernard Cabanes in North decided to start with a Pass, to show afterwards his 7-4, a decision which later received his reward. Jérôme Rombaut opened in third his weak hand with a 1 bid, with the doble advantage of having the spades and a agreable distribut,  which countered his 9 puntos and the fact of being vulnerable.

Sud could not do anything but pass, West answered 1NT and North declared 3.
Now… Eric Gautret asked himself a good question: Why my partner that could make a three-level preventive in vulnerable didnt open 3 ? South could only find one possible reason: his partner should have a 4 cards major. And in view of his cards could not be other than the heart suit. Eric Gautret with all his courage and confident that his jump was with net, said4.
Make this bid is one thing, but dare to do it in the National Open Pairs Championship of France is quite another …
Cedric Lorenzini-Jérôme Rombaut
Cedric Lorenzini-Jérôme Rombaut