Fulvio Fantoni, Iolanda, Ries

Hi all 😆
We ended the Mitchell Open Board-A-Match teams with a 16th place and a little regret because at a certain point of the competition we were 2nd. Have patience! Congratulations to our friend Kiki: she played very well. Besides, playing in team with her is always a great pleasure, and in fact… Iolanda recruited Kiki in her shopping-team! Now I will take them to Scottsdale, an enormous American commercial center.

A board from the tournament:

 Claudio plays 3NT and the lead is a small Club.

He plays a low card from dummy and East plays the 10. As in USA 6 cards preempts are not rare, Claudio decides to duck the first Club.

East returns a Club, Claudio takes the A and discards Hearts from dummy. Now he counts his tricks: 4 in Spades, 2 in Hearts, 2 in Diamonds and 1 in Clubs. Ok, 3NT are easily makeable, but playing BAM format it is always better to find some extra tricks.

Claudio cashes four Spades and now finds out more about the distribution. When West at the third round proves not to have any more Spades…[button link=»http://www.fulviofantoni.com/en/78-reisinger-phoenix-2013/357-a-board-from-phoenix.html» size=»small» window=»yes»]Click here[/button] to continue reading.

Fulvio Fantoni, Iolanda, Ries
Fulvio Fantoni, Aeron Ries, Iolanda Fantoni