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7th EBL NBO Officers’ Seminar

Febrero 6th, 2014

Simon Fellus interviews A. Versace

The 7th EBL NBO Officers’ Seminar

by Simon Fellus CsbNews Correspondent

The 7th edition took place at the Maritim Hotel in Berlin from 30th January to 2nd February 2014. 

Yves Aubry
Yves Aubry

 The EBL President Yves Aubry, assisted by the landlord Joseph Harsanyi,  welcomed the representatives of the 35 nations invited.  

The Seminar programme included plenary sessions together with group sessions, Poster sessions and a Free Questions time. 

The sessions covered various topics as Championship Format, Competition, Tournament Director, Teaching, Training, Technology, Website, Bridge & TV, Social Media, Development, Youth, Finances and Communication.

Questions and answers, discussion on topics of greatest interest and an atmosphere of great cordiality and friendship have been marked by four days of work.

In particular, the most successful work sessions have been those relating to youth bridge and the opportunity to exploit more and more internet. Internet both as a medium of teaching and for the promotion and development of discipline with Netherlands, France and Israel at the forefront in this area.

Advertising campaigns, relationships with the most important stakeholders, the world of University Bridge, communication especially to the outside to let people know what bridge represents: friendship, competition, socialization, discipline and logic.

The most important consideration is that Bridge must be known and must be advertised as a SPORT.

To underline the great spirit of cooperation and sharing among the various representatives, the biggest and most developed federations have become available to provide technical support and expertise to the smaller federations.

It was a great opportunity for all participants to exchange their views and different experiences developed around all parts of Europe.

The presentations made at the seminar can be downloaded from:


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