5th Women’s Online World Bridge Festival


From the Women’s Online World Bridge Committee

Anna Maria Torlontano

Dear friends,

The «5th Women’s Online World Bridge Festival» turned out to be a big success with 305 tables. Our sincere congratulations go to the winners of the overall ranking:

1st: EWeber
Real name: Elke Weber
Country: Germany

2nd: sigth
Real name: Sigrun Thorvardardottir
Country: Iceland

3rd: Sunisav
Real name: Sunisa Vatanasuk
Country: Thailand

2012 Individual Overall Pairs Overall Combined Overall
Sigrun Thorvardardottir
Rozanne Pollack/Cheri Bjerkan
Elke Weber
Runner(s) Up
Elke Weber
Sigrun Thorvardardottir
3rd Place
Bruna Cossaro
Sunisa Vatanasuk
Sunisa Vatanasuk
4th Place     Jackie Thompson
5th Place     Cheri Bjerkan

More information has already been published on the Winners page as well as on theMaster Points page. The certificates will be downloadable from tomorrow on.

Importants news

From tomorrow on there will be one daily individual tournament at

16.10  European Time (CEST)
10.10 New York Time (EDT)
02.10 New South Wales, Australia

Come and join us!

Surf to the «Participation» page (next to Home) and you will find all information you need to take part . If you are already a member and if you are not you can read all information to become one.

If you have problems you can contact the Francesca Canali (channelsmd@gmail.com) who is reponsable for the organisation of the festival on line. Her nick is: queequeg. Queequeg is a «yellow nick» so you can find her on the top of the list of nicks.

Remember that you are not playing a world championship. Our aim is to let you enjoy bridge with friends from all over the world and to play in a friendly atmosphere, so playing is more important than to win. After all, each tournament can only have one winner, but everyone who plays can enjoy the challenge, the camaraderie, the fun of participation!  

Women’s Online World Bridge Committee