Bob Crosby

Ambiguity is bad for any language and bridge is no exception. In English , where the same word can have different meanings we resolve it depending on the contextin which the word was used. In bridge , a “depending on context” bid is 5NT .Bridge World Standard offers the following:

Five notrump: If an undiscussed but clearly forcing noncompetitive five-notrump bid might logically be interpreted as more than one of these alternatives, the priority order of interpretation is

(1) Grand-Slam Force,

(2)choice of slam,

(3) control-showing bid.

Most experts have the following agreements with 5NT :


Provided no major suit is agreed, a bid of 5 NT has one of the following meanings unless part of another agreement.

1. A jump to 5 NT over any balanced notrump bid, provided no real suit has been shown, invites a grand slam. Partner should bid 6 NT with a minimum or 7 NT with a tiptop maximum. A suit bid indicates a good 4+ cards with in-between strength.

2. If a real suit has been shown, a jump to 5 NT is quantitative over any bid except a natural major-suit bid asks partner to select a slam from the obvious alternatives (depending on context ), with 6 NT being a possibility.

3. A nonjump bid of 5 NT over…[button link=»» size=»small» window=»yes»]Click here[/button] to continue reading