4th TGRs Auction Pairs.



  Source: TGR

Thomas Bessis

 With 74.3% in the last session the pair from France: Michel BESSIS – Thomas BESSIS (Father and Son) not only won the 4º TGRs Auction Pairs also added to their pockets near 20000£. The 4º TGRs Auction Pairs was payed at the New Cavendish in London. This year’s field was the most exciting and the largest ever. The event was played during the 15 & 16 january weekend and the players had to battle 2 sessions every day . The was a very exciting event for the argentine and southamerican bridge fans:

 The first session was for Grzegorz NARKIEWICZ – Krzysztof BURAS from Poland with 62,8% second arrived from Norway Jon SVEINDAL – Arild RASMUSSEN with 62,4%. The player from Argentina Juan Carlos Ventin playing with Frederic Wrang from Sweden, finished 11th with 57,4%. Click Here for the 1st session results.

Juan Carlos Ventin-Frederic Wrang won the second session with 60,7 % and stayed with the 1st position in the general score with 59,0 %, second with 58,6% were Ionut COLDEA – Bogdan MARINA from Romania. Click Here for the 2nd session results.

Juan Carlos Ventin-Frederic Wrang regained the third session with 60,6%, they also continued first overall but now with the 59.4%, second were Ionut COLDEA – Bogdan MARINA with 58,9%. Click Here for the 3rd session results.


The fourth session surprised everyone, Michel Bessis – Thomas Bessis, father and son, in front of a field of world champions finished the session with 74.3% and kept the first place overall, winning the event and receiving around £ 20,000. Juan Carlos Ventin-Frederic Wrang had a bad session and finished in fifth place.

1 59,5 Michel BESSIS – Thomas BESSIS FRA

2 58,6 Ionut COLDEA – Bogdan MARINA ROM

3 56,5 Mustafa Cem TOKAY – Barry MYERS TUR – ENG

4 56,2 Tom HANLON – Hugh MCGANN IRE

5 55,5 Frederic WRANG – Juan Carlos VENTIN SWE – ARG

Last Results

As every year the event began with his classic pairs auction where the most expensive pairs were sold at 3500/3000 pounds, the most expensive pairs were:

Gert Jan Paulissen Jan Jansma £ 3,500
Grzegorz Narkiewicz Krzystof Buras £ 3,000
Zia Mahmood Nafiz Zorlu £ 2,600
Krzystof Martens Dominik Filipowicz £ 2,600
Michel Bessis Thomas Bessis £ 2,200
Tom Townsend Nick Sandqvist £ 2,200
Entscho Wladow Michael Elinescu £ 2,000
Tom Hanlon Hugh McGann £ 2,000
Michal Klukowski Piotr Zatorski £ 1,700

Frederic Wrang Juan Carlos Ventin £ 1,500 All the pairs