The 2nd USBF Jr/Pro Charity Exhibition Match

Sunday January 31st at 4PM EST exclusively on Bridge Base Online Vugraph.

Join: Bobby Levin, Geoff Hampson, Thomas Bessis, Barry Goren, Joe Grue, Josh Donn, Michael & Debbie Rosenberg and members of the USBF Junior Training Program on the last day of The Samfund 2016 Winter Games for the 2nd USBF Jr/Pro Charity Exhibition Match in support of young adult cancer survivors thru The Samfund.

Lindsey Weinger
Lindsey Weinger

Barry Goren has brought his vision to life working with Lindsey Weinger, who powered the Alzheimer’s Association: The Longest Day Auction in 2014 & 2015 and spearheads social responsibility in NYC for the GNYBA. They’ve created the USBF Jr/Pro Charity Team Game on BBO Vugraph. Adding to the fun– special guests Joe Grue, Michael Rosenberg, Debbie Rosenberg & Josh Donn will provide live commentary.

Visit or contact Lindsey Weinger for more information on The Samfund 2016 Winter Games because #Cancerisntfree!

Additionally, win a chance to play with one of sixteen NYC champion bridge pros with The Samfund Raffle! For only $5, buy a raffle ticket for a playing lesson or BBO speedball game with John Kranyak, Joe Grue, Ron Smith, Judi Radin, Joel Wooldridge, Migry Zur Campanile, Glenn Eisenstein, Radu Nistor, Giorgia Botta, Aaron Silverstein, Chris Willenken, Rick Zucker, Erez Hendelman, Michael Polowan, Kent Mignocci, and Marin Marinov.

With your help we can continue to support great causes like The Samfund and Alzheimer’s Association thru bringing you bridge related events – charity games, auctions and raffles – all we need your participation! club

We look forward to seeing you there! club.

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