During the fourth week of April, 24-25 and 26, was played in Estoril, Portugal the 27th edition of the Grand Prix of Portugal with the participation of 25 teams. In the Round 3 of 9 of the RR, the Morbey team faced the Lara Team. Lara won by only 2IMPs: 14 to 12 but they lost 9 IMPs in the next hand, a very simple but instructive hand, because of what occurred in both tables:

Board 21. Dealer North, N/S Vulnerable

In the table where N/S was Lara and E/W was Morbey


A 3 2
10 9 8 5
A Q 8 7
4 3

J 7 6
 J 7
K J 9 4
Q J 7 2


Q 9 5
Q 6 4 3 2 2
5 3 2
K 6


K 10 8 4
10 6
A 10 9 8 5

West           North                   East              South

  Xana       Barbosa               C Ferreira       R. Pinto

Pass                  Pass                       Pass              1  

Pass                  1                         Pass             1

Pass                  1NT                       The End

Both North and South, decided not to consider that their hands were worth an invitation to game and ended up playing 1NT, and declarer made 10 tricks. 

In the other table: N/S Morbey & E/O Lara

West           North                   East              South

  Lara             Morbey               Capucho       Castaño

Pass                  Pass                       Pass              1NT 

Pass                  3*                       Pass             3**

Pass                  3***                  Pass             3NT****


* Puppett (FG)

** A 4th major

*** I have hearts

**** Me not, lets play in NT

Castaño, reevaluated his hand, and opened 1NT, adding points because of the fifth club and controls. North with 10 points immediately knew they were in the game zone and useed the Puppett convention to ask for 5th majors suits. When the pair saw their majors were different they declared the game in NT.

Lead: J

10 tricks with any lead (11 if thelead is the Jack of spades) because the diamond king is on and the long clubs.