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Rectifying the Count By O. Jacoby

One of the expressions invented by bridge writers is "rectifying the count." What it boils down to is this:

Rectificando la Cuenta por Oswald Jacoby

The Sumter Daily Item - 14 Dic 1974 Una de las expresiones inventadas por los escritores de bridge es "rectificar la cuenta". Lo que se reduce es...

White House Junior International 2017 by Kees Tammens

After six days of exciting bridge we look at the final of WHJI-2017 between Poland against the Netherlands White

Auction gives the defenders a clue By Mike Lawrence

This is a good hand for the kibitzers, but less so for the defenders. Here are some things to help Este decide:

Subasta le da a los defensores una pista por Mike Lawrence

Esta es una buena mano para los kibitzers, pero no tanto para los defensores. Estas son algunas cosas que deberían ayudar a Este a decidir:

Get Defensive Ruff By Alfred Sheinwold

As we begin a series on defensive ruffs we should note that most bridge players follow Sir Isaac Newtons principle that a body in motion tends to remain in motion in the same direction.

Obtenga un Fallo defensivo por Alfred Sheinwold

Al comenzar una serie sobre los fallos defensivos debemos observar que la mayoría de los jugadores de bridge siguen el principio de Sir Isaac Newton de que un cuerpo en movimiento tiende a permanecer en movimiento en la misma dirección

Expert Defense Might Defeat By O. Jacoby

A good declarer playing against ordinary oponents would have little or no trouble. The chances are that ...

Derrotado por una Defensa experta por O. Jacoby

Un buen declarante que juega contra oponentes no expertos tendría poco o ningún problema. Lo más probable es que....

Easley Blackwood…Bridge

As soon as a hand is played, Mr. Heinsite whips into his analysis, usually pointing out something his partner should have done to get a better result on the deal.

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