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2015 Women’s USBC: Under Pressure

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April 14th 2015equipo Goldberg

The 2015 Women’s USBC will select the USA teams for the 2015 Venice Cup, to be held in Chennai, India, Sept. 26-October 10, 2015.

The semifinals were played on Tuesday 14 April, 64 boards Knockout, Goldberg played vs Moss and Baker vs Narasimhan.   equipo Narasimhan

BBO broadcasted the first set of the Goldberg vs Moss match and the last three sets of the Baker vs Narasimhan match.

Finally Narasimhan will play against Goldberg the USA1 final.

 Under Pressure

«The Five-Level Belongs to the Opponents» was a BOLS Bridge Tip written by the late American expert Ed Manfield. But sometimes the 5-level, can be very profitable. This was what happened in two different semifinal boards:      USBC Damas 2015 SF Tab 12

 Moss-Goldberg Semifinal , 1st Set Board 12

4spade are cold in E/W. After two Pass Sprung opened with 1spade, Moss doubled, Goldberg got Glasson under pressure, with his 4spade, North accepted the challenge and said 5heart suit. And now East had a tough decision…finally Sprung said 5spade, she chose well 5heart suit were cold. USBC Damas 2015 SF Tab 12 a

At the other table Palmer opened 2heart suit =  both majors, 4+/5+, with 0 to 10 HCP…that shut N/S mouth forever…E/W system worked really fine in this board, they were able to play at the 4 level and score +420…a 11 IMPs swing for Moss team.

Baker vs NarasimhanSemifinal, 3rd Set Board 16USBC Damas 2015 SF Tab 16

Sanborn opened with 1spade, and her partner answered 3NT, showing a indeterminate splinter, accepting spades as trumps. Meyers doubled, Sanborn decided to pass…Migry declared the diamond game and now Irina was under pressure…double or play. She chose 5spade always down. 5diamond was only one down, 4spade were cold.

At the other table with the same sequence North chose to pass over 4spade and was a -12 IMps decision.

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