2015 Women’s USBC: Narasimhan is USA1 and Moss is USA 2


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April 20 2015

equipo Narasimhan
equipo Narasimhan

The 2015 Women’s USBC  selected the USA teams for the 2015 Venice Cup, to be held in Chennai, India, Sept. 26-October 10, 2015.

Narasimhan es USA1= Hansa Narasimhan, Capt; Jill Meyers; Jill Levin; Judi Radin; Migry Zur Campanile; Jenny Wolpert

Equipo moss
Equipo moss

Moss es USA2= Sylvia Moss; Janice Seamon-Molson; Lynn Deas; Joann Glasson; Tobi Sokolow; Beth Palmer; Michael Seamon, NPC


The initial stage of the event was a 2 day Round Robin to select 4 teams for the Semifinal. The teams played 5 matches each day, with the second day order the reverse of the first. Each match was 12 boards long. The teams list.

The Semifinals were: Goldberg vs Moss and Baker vs Narasimhan, with Goldberg and Narasimhan advancing to the USA1 final, where Narasimhan defeated Goldberg, for the privilege to be USA1:

Final USA1a

Final USA 2

Both losers teams from the semifinal played a match to define who would arrive to the USA2 final. Moss defeated Baker and afterwards defeated Goldberg team for the privilege to be USA2.

Play Off results:

Final por USA2

Moss-Goldberg Match results:

goldberg-moss resultados