Barcelona, Sunday February 8, 2015 by Angie Bach

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Angie Bach, corresponsal CSBNews en España
Angie Bach, corresponsal CSBNews en España

After three days of intense play the young Italian pair formed by Massimiliano Di FrancoAndrea Manno has won the 2015 edition of the Barcelona Open. The partnership ended the first day in the third position. The second day they climbed to the second and finally won the torunament.

Di Franco-Manno y Bocchi
Di Franco-Manno y Bocchi

At the end of the second day I had a short interview with Massimiliano Di Franco who told me he was 26 and 30. Andrea particularly likes this tournament and it is his second time playing the Barcelona Open. Regarding the level of the event he commented that you play with players of almost all levels faces and that there is a very friendly atmosphere at all tables.


Regarding their play, he explained that as it was a Mitchell tournament, they played very aggressive when they were not vulnerable and played conservatively in the vulnerable boards.

He added that he knew his partner since they were juniors, but they were not a regular partner, although he added:  maybe in the future. 😆

In the second position arrived the Spanish father and son partnership, Federico and Gonzalo Goded. They won the first session, fell to the third position on the second day, and even they had an excellent last session, it wasnt enough to win but they seemed happy to be the 2015 runner up.

G. Duboin, Federico Goded y N. Bocchi
G. Duboin, Federico Goded y N. Bocchi

I also had the opportunity to talk to the father after the first day and proudly told me that his son Gonzalo had displayed a brilliant bridge. After the second session I approached Gonzalo and asked him if they had good chances, this is what I answer me: I think it is very tight, all of the top pairs will do everything they can, there is no margin for mistakes, and in the end probably the one which have more luck will win.

Resultados finales de barcelona 2015

February 7 when yje play had already finished and with one session to complete the event I approached the World Champion Norberto Bocchi, to ask his prognosis, without hesitation and really sure he said: my bet is the young Italian pair, Massimiliano Di Franco and Andrea Manno Bingo !!! Norberto

El 7 de febrero cuando ya habia finalizado de jugarse la ultima tablilla y cuando aun faltaba una sesion para finalizar el evento me acerque al  Campeon Mundial Norberto Bocchi, para preguntarle su pronostico, sin dudarlo y muy seguro me contestó que su apuesta era por la joven pareja italiana, Massimiliano Di Franco y Andrea Manno…Bingo!!! Norberto

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Presentacion del evento

Organized by the Asociación Catalana de Bridge and in the halls of the Hotel Princesa Sofia began the VI Open Internacional de Bridge de Barcelona.

A field of 173 pairs were divided into 87 tables spread over the magnificent game rooms to play the first 26 boards.

Among the players we can mention World Masters as: Alfredo Versace, Jacek Pszezola, Norberto Bocchi, Juan Carlos Ventín, Diego Brenner, Nuria y Marta Almirall, Dragan Markovic, Luc Soudan, Amadeo Llopart, Carlos Fernández, Javier Graupera, Federico y Gonzalo Goded, Jordi Sabate, Juanito Pont, Montserrat Mestres, Eugenia Hernandez, Lluis Malla, Xavier Masana, Paco Marimon, Bernard Cabanes…

Second day:

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These are the first positions:

2dia Open barcelona 2015

First day:

After the first sessionthe first position was for a Spanish father and son partnership: Gonzalo and Federico Goded with 67.5%.

So, after the first session, the first four positions were:

  • 67,5 Federico Goded-Gonzalo Goded
  • 67,1 Gabi Font-Luis Lanza
  • 64,8 Massimiliano Di Franco-Andrea Manno
  • 64,4 Jacek Pczezola-Juan Carlos Ventín

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When the play finished I had the opportunity to talk with Federico Goded.

G. Duboin, Federico Goded y N. Bocchi
G. Duboin, Federico Goded y N. Bocchi

Federico Goded, tell me about your performance in the first session:

Well all I can say is that Gonzalo played exceptionally well and we were successful in key decisions..

Tomorrow Saturday, after the second session, do you think you will be able to maintain the leadership?

We have come to try to win and hopefully we will get it. This afternoon is playing our football team, Aleti. If the Aleti wins today at 4 PM, then today we can finish first, everything depends on our mood.

Then everything depends on the Aleti?

Think that the three or four most dangerous pairs are very close to us.

Gonzalo Goded y Lluis Malla
Gonzalo Goded y Lluis Malla

¿Favorite pairs for you?

We and the two Bulgarian partnerships

I could then talk with Gabi Font, a member of the pair in the second place, and when I ask her about their amazing performance she answered me:

I played well with a partner (Luis Lanza) who knows much more than me and that smiles at me at the table. I am well aware that I am not on my level, unlike my partner, because in this event there are a large number of professionals who play very well …

Thanks a lot Gabi!!