2015 USBC x USA2; Fleisher-Ivatury Round 2/8


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May 10th

The 2015 USBC will select the USA2 team for the 2015 Bermuda Bowl, to be held in Chennai, India from September 26 through October 10th. The 2015 USBC will be held at the Hyatt Regency, Schaumburg, IL, starting on Friday, May 8th and ending on Sunday, May 17th.

The Fleisher team, was bye till Round of 16, where they are facing the Ivatury team.

Fleisher team: Martin Fleisher; Chip Martel; Chris Willenken, Michael Rosenberg; Brad Moss; Ishmael Delmonte , Jan Martel, NPC

Ivatury Team: Uday Ivatury, Capt; Christal Henner; Jon Sorkin; Lapt Chan

BBO broadcasted the second set of the match agreed in: 8 sets of 15 boards each. At the end of the second set the match was: Fleisher 66 – 41 Ivatury.

Here are some interesting boards from the set:

In the first 9 boards of the set, the Fleisher team managed to add 9 IMPs more. In board 25 a good call from Rosenberg helped the partnership to reach a slam that produced the only one two digits swing of the set.

Tab 25

 Board 25

Rosenberg opened 1 and Willenken showed his four cards heart suit. North showed his second suit at the two level, and South’s 2, fourth suit forcing, was forcing game.

Rosenberg took the opportunity to show his two colored hand and Willenken chose the diamond suit.

Rosenberg after a pause, made a slam try showing a doubleton heart and therefore a singleton spade. His partner with no wasted values, and significant honors in North’s suits, accepted the invitation and the couple did not stop until the diamond slam.

Lead: K

Declarer lost the first trick, and won with the A, East’s heart switch. For declarer was easy to draw trumps and discard losers in his clubs for 12 tricks and the contract…

At the other table, N/S only arrived to 5, and although they made the same number of tricks they lost 11 IMPs.Tab 29

In board 29, both declarers were one down. In both tables, South played 4 and it was interesting to see that neither of them found the key card to make the contract. Double dummy, is easy to see that the contract depends on finding the Q. Both declarers received a small club lead, and both declarers guessed wrong.