June 24, 2015

In Argentina the most popular gambling game is the Quiniela: a game that involves betting on the last or the last figures of the lottery’s winning numbers. It is the custom that each number corresponds to a meaning / image, and the saying is that if you dream it, you have to bet the number. For example: the number 15 is a «pretty girl»; the number 22 is » the ducks»; the number 07 is «the gun» …. and so on. (Click Here to view all the numbers and their meanings)

Palace Cup 2015: Lavazza Team
Palace Cup 2015: Lavazza Team

This Wednesday June 24, 2015, in Warsaw was being played the 2015 Palace Cup Team Tournament Invitational. Among the invited teams we can mention the Lavazza team in this occasion being represented by: Zia Mahmood; Tom Hanlon; Norberto Bocchi; Dennis Bilde.ventin

Or the Ventin team: Juan Carlos Ventin; Frederic Wrang; Johan Upmark; Fredrik Nystrom.

As Round 9 was in progress, the results were:

palace cup ronda 9 en progreso

equipo era The Era team: Erikas Vainikonis; Andrej Arlovich; Marek Barylewski; Cezary Krzemiński; Ron Pachtman; Piotr Zatorski was leading the field with only two rounds to finish the Round Robin.

The Bakhshi team : David Bakhshi; Josef Piekarek; Bauke Muller; Simon de Wijs so far the runner up, in the Round 6, facing Bridge24.pl B team scored in one of the boards a pretty girl (15 IMPs), after declaring and making a diamond slam where their opps didn’t even  arrive to game.

 Board 5, Round 6mano bakhshi a

Chmurski opened 1diamond suit and Muller took the opportunity to show his two major suits with a 2diamond suit call. Chalupec decided to show his diamond support and de Wijs showed heart support.

North went on to describe his hand with 4club suit, but after his partner’s 4diamond suit rebid …he had no choice but to pass with his minimum hand.

The lead was the spade suitQ. The declarer won in his hand with the spade suitA to continue with another spade to the spade suit10, after winning the second trick he played the spade suitK, pitching his heart loser. After drawing trumps he claimed 13 tricks for +190.mano bakhshi

At the other table Piekarek in North also opened with 1diamond suit and East also showed the majors. But here Bakhshi, sitting South showed an inviting or better hand with diamonds with a spade cuebid.

Tuczynski chose to support hearts and Piekarek showed his second suit and control with a 4club suit call. Muller closed the heart game and Bakhshi with four small heart cards, visualizing his partner with a heart singleton, and re-evaluating its club suitK jumped to 6diamond suit.

Here the lead was the A. After winning the first trick, East continued with another heart. The declarer ruffed, draw trumps and claimed 12 tricks to score 1370, which generated 15 IMPs: a pretty girl for the team.