III Copenhagen Bridge Invitational – CBI Main Event, Friday January 16th 2015

The CBI Main Event is an invitational pairs event played in a cross IMP format through 19 Rounds, 8 boards in each round, 7 rounds played today, 6 rounds tomorrow and 6 rounds on sunday. Its being played in BBO.

1st Day:

After the first 7 Rounds, Geir Helgemo-Tor Helness lead the field, second Boye Brogeland- Alon Birman and third Alfredo Versace-Mustafa Cem Tokay … all positions Click Here.

The partnership that ended the first day in the first position added 3/4 (323) of his total score on the sixth round of the day. The victims were Per-Ola Cullin – Peter Bertheau a World Champion pair.

These were the match results: Geir Helgemo-Tor Helness vs CBI 2015 HH-BC 1er dia

The first board of the match, gave HH 96 of the 323 points scored in the match:

Board 25 CBI 2015 Tab 25 1er dia a

Per-Ola Cullin & Peter Bertheau
Per-Ola Cullin & Peter Bertheau

Bertheau-Cullin, W/E Vulnerable against NV, arrived to a 4 contract by East, after Cullin’s 1 opening bid and a 1 response, showing spades by Bertheau. Helgemo lead was the 6.

Helness won the trick with his A, and continued with the J winning the second trick. North continued with his A and left his hand with his third heart, for one down. These were all the tables results:

CBI 2015 Tab 25 1er dia

Only one table didnt play 4, and only in one of those tables the lead was a heart. With a club or spade lead, the declarers were able to pitch a heart loser in the K for 10 tricks (a diamond lead, and an immediate heart return also defeats the contract).

Board 27 CBI 2015 Tab 27 1er dia aHelgemo in South opened 1, and Bertheau in West mentioned his heart suit with 1. Helness doubled to show his 4 spade cards and Cullen said 2. Geir continued with a double (showing three spades) and Bertheau insisted with his heart suit. North competed with 2, and after two pass West said 3…doubled by North.

Declarer won the 10 lead with his A, he continued playing the K and a small club. His intention was to pitch two losers over dummy’s high diamonds. Bad luck, North ruffed, played a spade to his partners king, ruffed a second club, played his A and  another to his partner’s jack, Geir returned another club and Helness made his J en passant, the A was the last defense trick…three down doubled = -500 and 86 points for the leaders.

These were all the tables results:

CBI 2015 Tab 27 1er dia