2015 Camrose Trophy: Wales take a lead into the second weekend


Camrose Edinburgh 9-11 Jan 2015 (1st weekend)

Source: http://www.camrosebridge.com/

The Camrose Trophy or “The Camrose” is an annual bridge competition among open teams representing the home nations of Great Britain and Ireland: England (EBU), Northern Ireland (NIBU), Republic of Ireland (CBAI), Scotland (SBU) and Wales (WBU). As such it is the open teams-of-four component of the “Home Internationals” organised by Bridge Great Britain. Since 2005 a double round-robin is scheduled on two weekends. With six teams, each weekend comprises five rounds of three head-to-head matches, a single round-robin. A match is now 32 deals scored at IMPs and converted to victory points (VP). So every team plays 320 deals in the entire event, 64 against each of its rivals.

This year the first weekend was in Scotland, with the second weekend in Northern Ireland from 6-8 March 2015. For this reason, the sixth team in the event is NIBU, representing the Northern Irish Bridge Union.

Camrose 2015 1st Weekend:

Results: camrose 2015 1fds

Teams and Players:


camrose 2015 scotland

 John Murdoch & Gerald Haase ; Philip Stephens & Frazer Morgan; Iain Sime & John Matheson

NPC: Sandy Duncan.  Player information available at Chirasoft livebridge.net

Republic of Ireland:

republic of ireland camrose 2015

 John Carroll & Tommy Garvey ; Tom Hanlon & Hugh McGann; Mark Moran & Rory Boland

NPC: Grainne Barton Player information available at Chirasoft livebridge.net


 Rex Anderson & David Greenwood ; Helen Cole & Tyrone Currie ; Ian Hamilton & John Ferguson

NPC: Michael O’Kane Player information available at Chirasoft livebridge.net