Barcelona, Saturday February 7, 2015 by Angie Bach

Angie Bach, corresponsal CSBNews en España
Angie Bach, corresponsal CSBNews en España

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At the end of the second day Wolfgang BiederBas Lodder 66%, a pair that finished  in the seventh place the first day, is leading the field. Second a young Italian partnership formed by Massimiliano Di FrancoAndrea Manno 65.7%, and third Federico Goded-Gonzalo Goded with 65.97%.

Thus, after the second session, the top six are:

  • 66,06 Wolfgang Bieder-Lodder Bas
  • 65,97 Massimiliano Di Franco-Andrea Manno
  • 65,63 Federico Goded-Gonzalo Goded
  • 63,29 Michael Gromoeller-Christian Doebig
  • 62,52 Marta Almirall-Nuria Almirall
  • 62,33 Nina Anidjar-Diego Brenner
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At the end of the day I could talk with one of the leading players (Lodder Bas) who very kindly answered me the following questions:

Has it been difficult to get to the first position after yesterday’s session? Do you think that you will win? Have you found a good bridge level in the tournament? Thanks…

I think we were fortunate on Friday and Saturday and my Partner, who has much more experienced on this level, helped us through some difficult situations. Our opponents have made some errors and apart from some small issues we managed to play consistent, although not brilliant. I think the level is good and I by no means expect to be on top of the field yet tonight.

En segundo lugar, pude conversar con un componente de la pareja que va en segundo lugar, el joven italiano, Massimiliano Di Franco:

DI FRANCO Massimiliano - MANNO Andrea
DI FRANCO Massimiliano – MANNO Andrea

Ciao !! è possibile rispondere a una domanda per csbnews qui ?? Edad? Stavi terzo e ora vi vestirete al secondo posto? Come vedete ?? si può vincere ?? Che anni avete? Hai trovato questi due giorni molti livelli nel torneo? ( Your ages? You started today in the third position and ended second. Can you win? What about the tournament level?)

Ci proviamo, io 26 e Andrea 30 (I am 26 and Andrea is 30)

-Si, il torneo mi piace molto, e la seconda volta che lo gioco (I love this tournament this is my second time playing it).

-si, incontrano sia giocatori di tutti i livelli (you can find players af all the levels).

-Ma ce uno spirito molto cordiale (but with a good spirit).

-E amichevole da parte di tutti (all are very friendly).

Un’ultima domanda … Come siete come i giocatori? aggressivo, conservadores..hace molto jugais insieme? avete mai giocato nel team italiano al fianco Italia campione del mondo? (A last question. As players: are you aggressive, conservative, since when are you playing together ?.

-E un mitchell, quindi stiamo giocando un bridge molto verde, e conservatore in rosso ( (Is Mitchell; that is why we are very aggressive when we are white and conservative when we are red).

-Abbíamo giocato negli juniores insieme. Ma solitamente nn facciamo coppia regolarmente..magari un futuro 😆 (We play together since we were juniors). However we are not a regular partnership, maybe in the future we will be.) 😆

I also could speak with a member of the Goded partnership (the young Spanish World Master, Gonzalo Goded 34, who kindly answered:

Gonzalo Goded y Lluis Malla
Gonzalo Goded y Lluis Malla

-¿How are you feeling today to win the tournament?

I think it is very tight, all of the top pairs will do everything they can, there is no margin for mistakes, and in the end probably the one which have more luck will win.

Did you know the young Italians, who are second?

I know them from the 2014 Cavendish, we didnt play the same international tournaments when we were juniors, so I guess that they must be younger than me.

Finally I could talk with the World Champion Norberto Bocchi, who this year is playing the Open with his wife, Sigrid Castellsague..he told me he plays with her once a year.

Open Barcelona 2015 Bocchi-Ingrid

I asked Norberto, who would win the Open, he answered convincingly, he bets on the young Italian pair, Massimiliano Di Franco and Andrea Manno 😉  and explained  me that he will soon be playing a NABC and afterwards he will be traveling to Shanghai with an Italian team.

Thanks Norberto…tomorrow we will find out if you were right… 😉