2014 VV Cup: A Double Doubled Game Swing


September 19, 2014

VVCup 2014

Trakai District, Lithuania
19 to 21.09.2014

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The tournament will be played as a double Robin Round, 14 matches, 8 boards each. Results of the matches will be calculated in IMPs and VPs according to the official WBF tables (20-0).The event is sponsored by http://orakulas.lt/one of the leading betting companies in Lithuania, currently operating close to 50 betting shops around the country and providing betting services online – www.orakulas.lt (24/7 service).

Gladysh - Krasnossel
Gladysh – Krasnossel

Zia Mahmood once wrote: One of the rarest events in bridge is known as the «double game swing», a deal on which one team in a match makes a game at both tables on the same deal. Rarer still is the double doubled game swing, where both contracts are doubled and made.

Round Robin: MATCH 2 of 14; the REAL team: Dubinin-Gromov; Gladysh-Krasnossel faced the MAZURKIEWICZ: Kalita-Nowosadzki; Mazurkiewi-Jassem

The first two boards produced only 1 IMP for team Real, when the third Board arrived to the table:VV 2014 RR Tab 11

 Board 11

 After Dubinin’s pass, Kalita opened with 1NT. Gromov doubled to show a one colored hand and Nowosadzki closed the heart game with a transfer.

Dubinin with his 4 cue bid, asked his partner to pick a game. Kalita doubled after hearing North’s 4.

 Lead: 5

 Declarer ruffed the heart lead in dummy with a spade and played a small club. Kalita won the trick with his Q, and returned another spade.

Gromov won in dummy, played a second club ruffing in his hand, and ruffed a heart in dummy, he continued ruffing another club and another heart and played a club. When the A appeared, he ruffed, draw trumps and claimed 11 tricks and a +690 score.VV 2014 RR Tab 11 a

At the other table things were very different:

Here South also passed and Gladysh also opened with a 1NT bid. Jassem showed his spades with a 3 call. East closed the heart game and Mazurkiewi competed with 4. Gladysh chose to play 5 and now was Jassem who doubled.

The lead was the 4 and this time declarer ruffed North’s Q with a dummy’s heart and continued playing a heart to the Q, and watching South pitching a black card, he played a diamond to his Q, South covered with his A and returned another spade.

Declarer ruffed and played the 9, when South plyed a small one he also played a small club from dummy winning the trick. He continued with the J, again South played small and dummy played small, but now North ruffed and left his hand playing a spade.

Dubinin & Gromov
Dubinin & Gromov

East ruffed to continue with the 10, this time South covered with his J and the K won the trick.

The declarer, having guessed well, and calmed, draw trumps and claimed his contract… adding 650 + …

The team won a double doubled game swing scoring +690 + 650 = 16 IMPs … The match ended with a difference of only two IMPs for the team Real …