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2014 Spring NABC Vanderbilt: Gromov-Kasle

2014 Spring NABC 272 x 186

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March 27th, 2014: The Gromov team defeated 174 to 120 the Kasle team in the 2014 Vanderbilt Round of 16.

Gromov: Nº8 Seed: Andrew Gromov – Aleksander Dubinin, Moscow Russia; Agustin Madala, Buenos Aires Argentina; Norberto Bocchi, Barcelona Spain; Krzysztof Buras, Warszawa Poland; Grzegorz Narkiewicz, Bielsk Poland

Kasle: Nº 56 Seed: Gaylor Kasle – Larry Kozlove, Boca Raton FL; Adam Kaplan, New Port Richey FL; Josh Donn, Las Vegas NV; Piotr Tuczynski, Poznan Poland; Michal Klukowski, Dolnoslaskie Poland

In the first 16 boards set in one of the tables played: Andrew Gromov – Aleksander Dubinin vs Piotr Tuczynski- Michal Klukowski, in  the other one: Agustin Madala – Norberto Bocchi vs Gaylor Kasle – Larry Kozlove

In the first 7 boards the Gromov team added 48 IMPs while Kasle team didnt open their scoring. In the very first board the actual World Champions Bocchi-Madala found a Grand Slam adding the first 14 IMPs for their team.Vanderbilt 2014 R 16 Tab 1 a

Board 1

North opened the bidding with 1 and his partner showed a FG hand with 5+ hearts. The partnership, without digging too much stopped at the game level. Declarer made 13 tricks.

 At the other table the world champs Bocchi-Madala demonstrated once again that sometimes they are beyond:Vanderbilt 2014 R 16 Tab 1

Bocchi opened with 1 and Madala also showed his FG hand with a heart suit.

 But now Bocchi chose to show his excellent support with a club splinter bid. His club’s wasted values didnt totally discourage Madala, with a 4 last Train bid, he informed his partner that slam could have a chance…leaving the decision in his hands.

Bocchi acepted the invitation asking for Keycards and very quickly the partnership landed in the 7  Grand. They also made 13 tricks but this time they also added a 14 IMPs award.Vanderbilt 2014 R 16 Tab 3

 Board 3

South passed, and Dubinin in West opened 1, Klukowski doubled. Gromov, chose to occupy some bidding space supporting his partners suit and South showed his weak 4 hearts.

Dubinin passed, North’s 2 showed where the table’s values were. South continued showing his clubs and Klukowski continued showing extras with a 3 bid, Tuczynski tried to stop..and said 3, hoping for his partner 3NT, but North was too  excited and they finished playing 4 in the 5-1, two down. Vanderbilt 2014 R 16 Tab 3 1

 In the other room: Madala chose to open his hand with a 3 bid, helping his partner to find the best contract: 3NT. When declarer saw the Q fell over his K…he made 9 tricks and scored 11 IMPs.Vanderbilt 2014 R 16 Tab 5

 Board 5

 After East’s 1, and Madala’s 1 overcall,  Koslove  supported his partner with a spade cue-bid. Kasle continued showing his diamond suit, Koslove insisted with another spade cue-bid, now East jumped to 5, exclusion Blackwood… as he explained later.

 West didnt receive the message, he thought he had to pick a slam and closed the 6 contract. Declarer made 13 tricks.Vanderbilt 2014 R 16 Tab 5

At the other table: After Gromov’s 1 opening bid, South passed and Dubinin begun with an artificial 2 bid, FG. Gromov showed his second suit and his partner defined heart as trumps, 3 was a splinter, and after the keycards information they decided to play 7, after the 13 tricks…another 11 IMPs awarded the team performance.

Dubinin & Gromov


 Photo: Gromov y Dubinin.


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