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March 29th: Vanderbilt 2014

The Vanderbilt 2014 semifinals were: Monaco-Lynch and Nickell-Gordon.

At the end of the first 32 boards Monaco was 99 and Lynch 52; 34 of the 47 IMPs difference were the result of two similar situations that occurred in the first and second set.

 In the last board of the first set Monaco added 11 IMPs when:Vanderbilt 2014 SF Tab 16

Board 16

Balicki opened 1 and Zmudzinski showed his spade suit. North continued showing extras and a six cards suit. After learning that they lacked two aces South chose to play 5. Helness led his A (during the bidding showed club control) and when he saw the 7 spades card suit and his partner’s 10, switched to a spade, Helgemo ruffed and the A was the setting trick.Vanderbilt 2014 SF Tab 16 1

 At the other table Fantunes reached a better contract:  Fantoni’s  1 opening bid was forcing one round with 5 + hearts and 14 + points or 11 + points and 4 spades. Nunes 2, showed 5+ spades and FG hand. When they realized that they missed two aces they chose to play 5, a cold contract.

In the next set both pairs had to survive to a similar situation again Fantunes get it right.Vanderbilt 2014 SF Tab 29

Board 29:

Passell opened 1 and Lynch answered 1, when  Helegemo interrupted with 4, North showed his 4 spade cards with a 4 bid. Helness continued with 5 and Lynch’s 5 closed the bidding. Declarer made 11 tricks.Vanderbilt 2014 SF Tab 29 1

At the other table: Fantoni opened 1 and again Nunes answered 2, Stansby showed his diamonds with a 3 bid, Fantoni was able to cuebid 4 to show his good spade support. The partnerships landed in the spade slam.

 Declarer won the club lead in his hand, draw trumps, continued with the clubs pitching a diamond, he lose the heart ace and claimed 12 tricks and 13 IMps for Monaco.

After the first four Boards of the second set, Bramley- Stansby had managed to recover the first set IMPs difference:

Board 19Vanderbilt 2014 SF tab 19

 After Nunes pass, Stansby opened 1 (10 to 15), Bramley showed his spades, West continued with 2 and Bramley’s 2 showed game strength. Stansby’s 3 showed his partner a 5422 hand and East’s 3 asked about the 5 cards minor: the first step = 3 showed five clubs. 4 was club RKC with 0314 answers, Bramley defined the club slam after the 1 keycard response.

Fantoni led the 4, declarer won the first trick with the A, cashed A and K, watching the Q. The spades were played to pitch losers. The A was the only trick for the defense…En la otra mesa Helgemo-Helness jugaron 4, hechos 6.Vanderbilt 2014 SF Tab 20

Board 20

 This was another Stansby-Bramley nice board:

Stansby opened 1NT (14-16) and Bramley’s 2NT = Puppet Stayman, 3 denied 5 cards majors, but didnt say anything about 4M, 3 = 4 with no 4 cards in hearts, finally they decided to play a spade game.

Fantoni led his Q, declarer won with the A, and played a small club, winning the trick with dummy’s  10.

Stansby returned to his hand with a small spade to his A and played the J. Fantoni played his A, and continued with the Q.

Declarer ruffed in his hand. Draw trumps, ending in his hand and played a diamond, Nunes won the trick with his Q and left his hand with a heart.

Stansby won the trick with his K, and played another diamond, when Fantoni played a small one he plyed the K and claimed 10 tricks. The Board gave his team 10 IMps when at the other table Helgemo-Helness played a spade partscore.